Trailers for upcoming releases.

  • You, Me, Him & Her... • Teaser

    Coming soon. ONLY on The InvenTV Network.

  • Neighborhood Golf Association • Trailer

    For the past 10 years, street photographer Patrick Barr aka Tiger Hood has become a local legend known for bringing golf to the streets of NYC. It’s a game that requires only three items: a golf club, a newspaper-stuffed milk carton, and a crate. What was initially just a way for Barr to pass tim...

  • Phoenix Reloaded • Trailer

  • Life • Trailer

    Based off of the Best Selling Novel "LIFE" by author Leo Sullivan. All her life, Hope has dreamed of becoming a lawyer and one day helping her people out of ghetto oppression. By some uncanny fate, Hope meets the handsome thug, Life, in the midst of his desperate attempts to elude a massive polic...

  • ENDOWED • Trailer

  • Three-Faced • Trailer

  • Night Shift • Trailer

    Get a glimpse into one night in the life of a bathroom attendant in a Los Angeles nightclub.

    Starring Tunde Adebimpe and China Shavers.

    Written & Directed by Marshall Tyler.

    Featuring music from Michael Uzowuru, Tunde Adebimpe and Timo Chen.

    A New Bumper and Paint Production in ass...

  • On Sight • Trailer

    On Sight is a psychological thriller about the relationship between police and civilians, duty versus jurisdiction, the condemning power of suspicion, and who pays the price.

    Who seems suspect to you?

    Written & directed by Tosin Morohunfola

  • Cross My Heart • Trailer

    Cross My Heart follows an American teenage girl who visits her family in Jamaica and uncovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves. This film explores the culture of silence amongst women, the kinds of secrets we keep and who they're actually protecting.

  • Bring Back Black Cinema • Trailer

    Recreating Iconic Black Cinema and creating new moments. There isn't a lot of iconic films that we have in present-day cinema, besides biopics, and hopefully, this can shed and inspire us to create more and let Hollywood know there's more of our stories to be told...

  • 0 for 0: Knicks Fans • Tragedy & Therapy • Trailer

    What if I told you there were people who voluntarily rooted for the New York Knickerbockers? You'd probably say that they need to seek refuge or seek help. OPUS Mag in conjunction with 6 brave souls explore the tragedy of being a Knicks fan thru faux therapy.

    Starting off as a joke made on soc...

  • Broken by Jason Wallace • Trailer

    I was broken. My heart and spirit needed healing, so I poured myself into these words. Now I hope these words can help others heal, find peace, find joy, find themselves. Broken is a book of poems, written over the course of 25 years, covering love, relationships, life, fun and more.

    Purchase ...

  • Higher Learning • Trailer

    Rapper and full-time weed smoker Jon Dough is tired of living a regular life. Between his female problems and irresponsible friends, it seems like life is crashing in on him. Suddenly, the chance of a lifetime appears and that's where things get complicated. With a backwood full of weed and a ref...

  • Touye Pwen: Kill Point • Trailer

    After six years in prison, a young man must face his past demons to finally move forward. Surrounded by the most vicious streets gangs, crime lords, and ruthless killers, he will do whatever it takes to achieve his objective.