Touye Pwen: Kill Point

Touye Pwen: Kill Point

7 Episodes

After six years in prison, a young man must face his past demons to finally move forward. Surrounded by the most vicious streets gangs, crime lords, and ruthless killers, he will do whatever it takes to achieve his objective.

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Touye Pwen: Kill Point
  • The Strap Set

    Episode 1

    Meet Rhyis (Amin Joseph), Grimm (Sean Riggs), Zho (Tracey Dukes) and Khalil (Maurice Whitfield), the four members of "The Strap Set," a ruthless group of gun runners who have migrated from New York after a violent run-in with the competition that led to a young man's death, and Zho going to priso...

  • Point Of Death

    Episode 2

  • Dead To Rights

    Episode 3

    After his run-in with Zho, J. (Mark P. Hawthorne) pays a visit to his cousin, OX (Andre "Chyna" Mccoy) who feels compelled to set things right.

    Meanwhile, Rhyis (Amin Joseph) gives Grimm (Sean Riggs) an unusual and horrific order to carry out.

  • In Too Deep

    Episode 4

  • Sins Remembered

    Episode 5

  • Ties That Bind

    Episode 6

    Khalil (Maurice Whitfield) is allowed to meet Knight (Shaun Mixon) for his outstanding performance in sales or is there another reason?

  • Drug Of Choice

    Episode 7

    Grimm (Sean Riggs) visits Strobe (Eric La Barr), his dealer to calm his nerves. Meanwhile, Zho (Tracey Dukes) and Leena (Jasmine Hester) work out old differences.